Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Gift of Freedom

There are phrases that you hear over and over again and never stop to think about what they really mean....fight tooth and nail or hand over fist, and then one I've been hearing a lot lately; the gift of freedom. Think about that for a second...the gift of freedom. A gift is something that is free. Given with no cost to you or effort on your part, and once given and accepted, it's yours forever. Our freedom wasn't a gift. It was paid for with the blood, limbs, and lives of brave and dedicated men and women. Keeping that freedom isn't effortless either. Everyday we must protect it, fight for it and wrest it away from those who would abuse it or take it from us. So, the next time someone tells you about the gift of freedom.....tell them how we came to be free, and remember, when you see them.....thank the ones that protect our freedom.

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