Thursday, January 22, 2009

I want to marry my cat!!

Well, not really, I don't have a cat...don't like cats if you're forcing me to be honest. But this was the first thing I thought of when the libs in Kalifornia went nuts over Prop 8. I don't think they understand that it isn't gay people getting married that has most people freaked out. It is the redefinition of marriage. I really don't think that most people care if Ellen and Portia get married or not. I think that they care if marriage becomes a joke. If you redefine marriage for one group, it will have to be redefined for everyone. Suddenly it won't just be Mr. Sulu and his longtime partner sharing the toothpaste. First the polygamists will insist that we allow 1 man to be legally married to 24 women, bigamy will have to be legal and, since this is America...the most creative country in the world, there will be a guy on a ranch in Montana who wants to marry his horse, a woman in upstate New York who wants to marry her cat, and a geek in Washington State who wants to marry his AlienWare; and the ACLU will charge into court to see to it that everyone is allowed to marry anyone and anything they want.

Because, you see, that's how we roll, we want the freedom to do and have whatever we want, but we don't want to have to think about pesky little things like consequences. The libs have taught us that it really doesn't matter the environment children are raised in, they are who they are no matter if their mother is a horse. They have taught us that personal repsonsiblity and accountability are only for conservatives, everyone else can say what they like and that's freedom of speech, they can do what they like and if someone dies in the process, well that's because of the sugar in Twinkies.

So, to all my liberal friends out there, people who vote against gay marriage aren't haters, nor do they want anyone to have less freedoms than anyone else, they just don't want geeks to marry their computers, get a surrogate to have a baby for them and call that a family.